Doctor Calls Out Patient’s Family For Enabling Her Weight Gain


Christina has struggled with morbid obesity her entire life. She isolated herself from everyone around her, except for her husband and mother. For four years, she trapped herself inside her house where her family helped fuel her desire for fatty, high caloric foods.

Christina’s story was featured On TLC’s “My 600-lb. Life.” At the time, Christina was just 23 years old and 640 pounds. In order to get the bypass surgery she desperately wanted, Christina moved from Mississippi to Houston to lose the weight before the surgery could happen. But instead of losing weight, she gained 17 pounds in four weeks. In the clip from the episode below, she tells Dr. Nowzaradan that her weight gain is a result of water retention. The doctor, however, calls out Christina’s family for enabling her weight gain.

Finally, Christina’s mother admits on camera that she’s feeding her own daughter’s weight gain. Christina admits to a 7,000 calorie-a-day diet of pizza, hamburgers and fries, despite her family’s agreement to help her cut back on unhealthy foods. “You’re right, you’re absolutely right. We’re the ones enabling her to do this,” her mother says in a heartbreaking confession. “We haven’t been able to cook proper food.”

While many enablers think they’re helping their loved one, the reality is just the opposite. According to Psychology Today, “Worst-case scenarios often involve someone who prefers you to remain fat and unattractive and will insist you eat foods that are incompatible with your weight loss or weight maintenance. If you feel that capitulating is easier than fighting back, realize that you are fighting for your health.”

Good for Dr. Nowzaradan for shedding light on the truth. He decided to separate Christina from her husband and mother. She lost 122 pounds under medical supervision, but Christina eventually returned to her poor eating patterns upon returning home.

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