Doctors Warn Parents About Using A Car Seat As A Stroller Seat


It’s widely known that the safest place for a baby in a car is strapped into a carseat — but now, some experts have something to say about keeping babies in their carseats too long!

It’s common for parents to move their carseats from the car to the stroller and back again. After all, we want to avoid waking a sleeping baby at all costs. However, experts are warning parents against this. When properly used, carseats don’t generally pose a danger to babies and infants inside the car — but it’s when carseat straps are loosened or removed outside of the car that is the problem.

“You should not use a carseat outside of a car, and the infant should never be in a carseat with partially buckled straps,” Dr. Erich Batra told CNN. Dr. Batra is a pediatrician who says sleep-related deaths are the most common cause of infant deaths, and that carseats are to blame for two-thirds of the deaths analyzed. Babies may be strangled by loose straps or slouch into positions that compromise their breathing outside the car.

But these aren’t the only risks associated with carseats. Watch the video to see what other experts are saying…

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