He Doesn’t Expect To See What Comes Through That Door


Raising a child is no easy task. They require attention, love, labor, and patience. Not to mention, raising a child is quite costly. The video below, made by Electrabel, a Belgium based energy corporation, looks to make a point about the extra energy consumption that comes with a new child. The catch here is that the video is not focused on the man, rather the focal point is the dog. He’s a father! But he didn’t have just one puppy – he had several.

The commercial shows the father in his new role. He has to prepare food, clean the house, entertain his puppies, and make sure they get tucked in at night. All throughout the day he is using energy – be it the dishwasher, the microwave, or the baby monitors. The advertisement portrays Electrabel’s ability to meet customer needs, no matter the situation.


Electrabel strives to teach its customers about controlling energy usage and keeping in mind future generations. Their website is filled with information on how to reduce energy consumption. They advocate dimming your lights and shutting them off when not needed as well as unplugging appliances when not in use. They list several helpful tips divided up by category. They are determined to make a difference.




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