Strangers Help Owner Find His Lost Dog On The Road


Jossmar Castillo, who lives in Arlington, Virginia, posted a wonderful video online.

Together with a stranger, he came to the aid of the owner, who had lost his dog a few minutes earlier.

While driving, Jossmar spotted a man with a leash in his hands with no dog around him. He saw that he was looking for his pet, so he was alert while driving if he noticed a lost dog.

Jossmar Castillo,Facebook

At one of the intersections, he came across a dog a few hundred yards ahead. In front of him, a female driver got out of the car, who took care of the dog, then Jossmar headed back to dog’s owner.

He told him that he had noticed the dog at a nearby intersection, and then drove the owner to the place, where he finally saw his dog again.

Source: kliplandJossmar Castillo



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