Dog Gets Into The Music During A Car Ride


This Youtube user recently took his dog Jaxson along for a nice car ride. The German Shepherd was sitting contentedly until his owner put some music on. Jaxson felt the beat and couldn’t resist getting into it. I’m thoroughly impressed.

German Shepherds are a very popular dog breed. According to TerrificPets, this is largely due to their excellent companionship, loyalty, and courage. They also tend to bond well with their family and become very protective of that familial unit. Extremely smart dogs, German Shepherds often rank in the top 10 most intelligent breeds and they love to exercise and stay active. Jaxson’s activity of choice? Dancing.

Watch the video below to see Jaxson’s reaction to the tunes. Let us know what you think about this adorable pup. Does your dog ever get into the music?


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