This Dog Gets A Special Surprise From His New Bird Friend. When You See? HYSTERICAL


Alot of people find strolling musicians in restaurants annoying, and I am inclined to agree. It’s like you’re not sure whether to stop eating and appreciate the performance, keep eating and pretend like nothing is happening, or just sort of take little polite bites and avoid eye contact in the hopes that they will soon find another table to focus their attentions on and leave you and your lobster ravioli in peace.

However, not everyone seems to mind a mealtime serenade. Take this dog, for example. His cockatiel friend is delivering a no-holds-barred mealtime serenade at point blank range, and he doesn’t miss a beat, making us pretty certain that this must be a regular occurrence in this household. Unlikely relationships between dogs, cats, and birds are certainly not unique to this pair: This dog, cat, and bird trio all share an unusual mealtime ritual, and this duck and dog have become best friends for life. According to experts, there is a bigger picture here that speaks to how species communicate.

A recent article in the New York Times has suggested that animal researchers are actively pursuing new information on such inter-species relationships, citing that further investigation of the topic could enlighten us as to what propels certain animals to cross species lines and adopt behaviors of another species. However, other researchers claim that most of these inter-species relationships are recorded in human-controlled environments, making it impossible to separate our own influence over that of the inherent behavior of the animals. Whatever the reason, you have to admit, this particular pairing is absolutely adorable!

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