This Dog Gets Woken Up To The Smell Of Her Favorite Treat


This video has to be one of the cutest things we’ve seen in a while. It starts out with a beautiful looking yellow Labrador happily sleeping in her bed.

The owner of this pretty puppy decided to hold her favorite milkbone treat out in front of her nose, just to see what her reaction would be. While in a deep slumber, the beautiful dog began to twitch her nose. The twitching got more and more excited, so the dog was probably dreaming about a pool filled with her favorite treat! Or maybe a rainy day, but instead of water it was tiny little bones falling from the sky!

The doggy’s daydream was probably pretty exciting, filled with her human friends and dog friends alike. If only we could glance, for a moment, to see just what was going on in her head until she finally woke up in excitement to take a bite out of her treat — what a cute dog!

We especially love when she looks around to make sure she got every bite she could find. This little puppy wanted a midnight snack, and we’re sure she fell asleep promptly afterwards with a belly full of her favorite meal. What a fantastic way to be woken up!

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