His Dog Got Lost Far Away From Home – Moment They Reunite Again Has The Internet Weeping Tears of Joy


Those who have gone through it can confess how painful it is to lose your pet. One family went through the worst nightmare when their dog named Bella got lost.

Larry, Bella’s owner was in Florida and had left Bella behind with a dog sitter when the incident happened. The search for Bella immediately started and it took a number of days. The searching team consisted of friends and family and an amber alert had been activated, every shelter within the area was called and flyers were also made. Larry had to call off two days of his work to search for his beloved Bella. He was not ready to give up the search until he had found the dog.

You can easily understand the kind of pain he was going through once you go through the YouTube caption. It was simply the worst time he had ever gone through in his life. A few days later, they were notified that Bella had been seen in Queens, NY. One wonders how she managed to wander that far from her home in Manhattan.

The video below features Larry’s reunion with his dog and it’s so touching. The reunion took place 5 days from the day Bella got lost and her reaction will amaze you. I think the hardest thing to judge from the reunion is determining who was more pleased than the other.



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