Dog Has A Hilarious Way Of Greeting Her Owner When He Returns


Sometimes I’m still surprised at how quickly dogs pick up on habits and commands. I know there are some smart dogs out there, but when their instincts are captured like the dog’s in this video, I’m left beside myself. The dog in this video is named Kopi and she knows exactly what to do when her owners return home from their vacation.

Kopi is a beautiful dog who belongs to the host of YouTube channel Thinknoodles. The channel, which is primarily centered around video games is highly successful, having accrued over 800,000 subscribers and a sum of over 270 million views across all of its videos. The host of the channel couldn’t help but throw his dog Kopi into the mix of all the videos, and I can definitely see why.

In the video, Kopi is filmed waiting patiently by her owner’s suitcase. Dad tries to reach out and play with her for a little, but it’s clear that Kopi is waiting nearby for one reason and one reason only. According to this video’s YouTube description, Mom and Dad had just returned home from a vacation in Denver, Colorado and came home to a happy and excited pup.

Kopi was not only excited to see Mom and Dad, but was also excited to see what kind of gift they brought back for her. Dad explains in the video that after every trip Kopi will hover over his suitcase, wait for him to open it, and then dig around for her present. As soon as Dad opens the bag, she rummages through folded clothes and pulls out a stuffed animal. What a good girl!

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