Dog sits quietly in front seat – But when mom turns Michael Jackson on, the internet is dying of laughter


Whoever said that dogs are man’s best friends wasn’t lying. In fact, they could’ve also said that most dogs enjoy stuff just like humans. You’ve ran into videos of dogs having fun in parks and playing around with toys – just like kids do. To most people, pets are part of the family, and that’s great!

Now, what if I told you that a dog can actually sing? I mean, who doesn’t want to join in the singing when a great hit comes on the radio. And what if that hit happens to be a Michael Jackson classic? You’ can’t help it!

Well, it happened here. This dog, Honey, was driving with her owner when Michael Jackson’s “Will You Be There,” came on. What happened next is driving the internet to “laughterville!”

Watching her dogs’ reaction to the song, Melissa can’t keep herself from cracking up big time and joining in the singing. The dog is so excited that he howls at the top of her voice. Listen!



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