Dog stole golf cart and crashed into family truck


This dog named Titan loves to ride in the family golf cart with his owners. But walks alone seemed quite interesting to the puppy.

Recently, Titan’s mother, Mallory Kmet, returned home to find that the golf cart was driven by a mysterious driver.

“We were far away, and then when I returned, I said to my husband: “My God! “Someone was in our backyard, took my golf cart and crashed into my truck,” Kmet told CTV News.

However, after viewing the security camera footage of his yard, it became clear that “someone” was standing outside the door.

It was the Titan. Fortunately, the Titan was not injured in the low-speed crash. The truck received minor damage.

However, this minor accident did not turn the Titan into a travel concept. “He will still be riding the golf cart, so you will continue to watch him in the golf cart because that is one of his favorite things to do,” Kmet said.

Next time, I hope he will leave the car to his parents.



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