This Dog Is Supposed To Be Euthanized, But Watch Where He Takes Him Instead…


Every day, countless homeless dogs are euthanized by shelters in the United States.

It’s not because they’re old or because they’re sick, although many are both, it’s simply because shelters don’t have the capacity to hold on to these animals any longer. It’s a sad truth, but there are just too many stray dogs out there and not enough space to take care of them.

Although there are great efforts being made, such, which pushes for the sterilization of dogs to prevent overpopulation, there are still just too many homeless pets and not enough people who want to take a chance on adoption. Our country is truly blessed with some amazing animal rescuers, but what the men and women in this next story do goes further beyond the call of duty than I have ever heard of before.

We recently told you about an amazing group known as Wings of Rescue, a nonprofit organization that transports dogs set to be euthanized to homes around the country. However, instead of being boxed in a crate, like most of them have been their entire lives, these dogs get VIP treatment and are flown by volunteer pilots.

In the following video, we see how these kind creatures finally get the second chance they’ve been waiting for thanks to Yehuda Netanal, this amazing organization’s founder.

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