Dog Uses Brilliant Problem Solving Skills To Get Huge Stick Over A Narrow Bridge


It is pretty amazing how smart our pets can be. Sometimes their brilliance comes out of nowhere and totally surprises you!

While it’s nothing new to be able to teach dogs to follow simple commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘shake’, other tricks and skills require a much more patience on the owner’s part, and a having an exceptionally smart dog doesn’t hurt either. The dog in this video may look like your average pup, but what he does when he is faced with an obstacle, proves there’s a lot more to this dog than what you see.

You may have seen dogs like Purin, who learn how to do some pretty incredible things, like playing soccer, or cuties like one Boston Terrier who learned how to smile every time his owner offered up a treat. While these are adorable, they have probably taken a lot of practice.

Unlike the other two, the dog in this video seems to think about what he wants to do, and then figures out how to do it… much like another dog who wanted to play and decided to trick people passing by into playing with him!

This dog found his perfect stick and he was NOT letting it go. Two failed attempts to bring it across the bridge and a light bulb goes off, and he was able to accomplish what he wanted to do. This is one brainy dog!

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