Donkeys say goodbye to their dead friend and are very emotional


A few years ago, a video appeared on the Internet where you can watch a very emotional scene of the death of a donkey.

His animal friends rallied around him, loud screams and sobs bringing tears to the eyes of many animal lovers.

The video clip, which was posted on YouTube a few years ago, has already become a hit – to date, it has already received almost 4 million views, and this scene will touch your heart.

The owners of the donkey wrote next to the video that this scene is undoubtedly proof of how smart and emotional the donkey is at such a sad moment. The donkey’s death touched his best friend Bram the most, and he stepped on the dead donkey to wake him up.

In addition to other donkeys, the leader of the herd expressed his emotions by biting the dead donkey on the stomach. Unfortunately, it was all in vain, and according to their owners, the donkeys mourned their lost friend for several weeks.



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