I Don’t Know If Crabzilla Is Real, But I’m Terrified Regardless.


If you thought the world’s biggest crab was the person ahead of you at Starbucks, it looks like they might have some competition. This “Crabzilla” was “spotted” on Google Maps, and doesn’t seem real due to its size. Still, the creature supposedly lurking by the mouth of Kent Harbour in the U.K. is something you’ll want to take a look at. This thing isn’t just big; it would dwarf an entire pier. Even the thickest pair of water shoes won’t protect you from this thing’s pinch. Take a look at the pictures below and decide for yourself.

Can you see it?

Weird Whitstable

How about now?

Weird Whitstable


(via Daily Mail)

Did you see it? Yeah, it’s pretty hard to miss. The largest species of crab (known to man, at least) maxes out at about 12 feet long. If you weren’t scared of crabs before, this should give you a reason.



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