Mom Pranks Her 3-Year-Old Daughter That was Funny and a Good prank


When mom was on the toilet, she called her daughter for help, as she reportedly ran out of toilet paper. Maicyn quickly came to her mother, but her mother pranked her.

Such was also the case in a video posted on a Facebook profile by Jamie Hughes, the mother of a 3-year-old girl Maicyn.

Next to the toilet bowl, mom had melted chocolate in the pot, with which she covered her 3-year-old daughter over the hand. She told her it was a poop.

Little Maicyn responded so sympathetically that the video immediately became a worldwide hit. It circled around the globe, and the mother said in the description that she never dreamed that her daughter would impress so many people with such a reaction. Look at the clip that will bring a sincere smile on your face during these difficult times!

Source: klipland



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