Drones Take Incredible Aerial Photographs Of The World, Something Humans Just Can’t Do.


Finding new ways to view the world around you is a blessing. Too often we take this planet for granted. It’s a massive, beautiful place. To really appreciate something, sometimes all you need is a change of perspective. That’s what Dronestagram offers.

On this unique photography website, people use their drones to take incredible aerial photographs of the world around them. In the past, it’d be impossible for the average person to achieve this kind of photography. But now? Almost anyone can snap a picture with a view that is unbelievable.

It’s a whole new world.

(H/T Dronestagram)

If you have your own drone pictures, you can submit them on Dronestagram here. You can help the human race map the world visually. As the site says, “let’s build a world map of our Earth with a bird’s eye view.”

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