Dytto Impresses The Competition With Her ‘Barbie Girl’ Dance


In the 2015 World Of Dance competition, Dytto impressed the crowd with her moves. Called “tutting,” this style of dance is not widely known, though it dates back to the 1980s and is prevalent within funk and electronic dance communities. The name, derived from King Tutankhamun, refers to its inspiration from Egyptian art and hieroglyphics.

In tutting, dancers manipulate their limbs to highlight geometric shapes and is often done in conjunction with popping. The halting stop-and-go motion mimics robotics. So much so, in fact, that a truly skilled dancer like Dytto would be almost indistinguishable from a computer-generated animation or a live robot were it not for her lifelike features.

While her performance starts like something you might see by a street performer, she soon takes it to a whole new level. At times it seems the video was manipulated to create the jerky yet precise motions. Tutting at this level takes an incredible amount of body awareness and rhythm. Rather than large movements that highlight a dancer’s power as seen in some breakdancing or ballet movements, tutting and similar styles highlight a performer’s control and discipline.

We hope you enjoyed watching Dytto’s performance as much as we did. It certainly opened our eyes to new modes of dance! Let us know what you thought by commenting below.



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