Easy Ways To Cook Your Eggs Like A Real Chef


When it comes to making breakfast, things should stay simple – because there’s nothing better than starting out a morning with a delicious breakfast that’s also easy to make. With simple tricks for cooking eggs like a real chef, breakfast just became so much better. So watch the tutorial below from hilarious YouTuber Suzelle, which shows you how to masterfully cook eggs that look appetizing and are satisfying. It’s time to make life a little bit easier – and a little bit more fun.

Some of these tips and tricks come from your classic methods like poaching eggs. And even frying eggs, but with a little twist – fry them inside a ring of an onion or bell pepper and your presentation just went to the next level. Other methods may not be as familiar, but are packed with flavor, like fluffy bed of egg whites with fresh parmesan and chopped parsley. And the steps are simple! Just use the trick in the video below to cook your egg white separately from the yoke.

And have you ever had an egg breakfast that looked like a cloud? Watch the step by step process to make your eggs look amazingly impressive. Or maybe you are unaware of some kitchen tricks that simplify the process. From broken shells to fresh versus rotten eggs, there are useful bits of information for you to find in this video. And not to mention, increase your appetite for a hearty breakfast. You are going to love this lively how-to video from Suzelle that shows how fun cooking breakfast can be!



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