Eccentric ‘Mushroom House’ Hides Luxurious Interior


Nestled in a quiet part of New York state, the so-called Mushroom House is one of the most unique single family dwellings we have come across. Despite its unique design, it has all the modern amenities one would look for in a house, including a 3-car garage and finished basement. All the appliances are luxuriously modern, too.

Blame it on the housing market, but since the filming of the video the asking price has gone down to $629,000. While this is still considerably higher than homes of similar size in the neighborhood, it is the only residence that has officially been designated a town landmark. It also boasts an amazing view overlooking a ravine.

Adding to its luxurious nature are its water features. Not only is there a meditation pond, but it also has its own waterfall! That’s not to mention the huge hot tub, located on the back patio surrounded by amazing colored-glass art.

Would you want to own this home? Or is it just a liiiiitle too out-there for you? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section, and SHARE with your friends on Facebook if you think you might know a potential buyer!



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