Elderly Man Tells His Son A Hysterical Joke About A Penguin With Car Troubles


When this man asked his elderly father to tell him a classic joke, he never anticipated this! We here at Worthy tales cannot stop laughing.

This surprising punchline had everyone hysterics, but could such a crude joke like this hold any truth to it? Of course, we know penguins can’t waddle into the DMV and grab a license, but do our tuxedoed friends to the north ever mate outside of their species?

According to Penguins-World.com the answer to that is simply, ‘no.’ They tend to mate with only one other penguin every year. “They can find these lifelong partners out there even when there are thousands of penguins at the mating grounds. While most of them have a specific mating season, other species can do so any time of the year. Some can also create offspring two or three times annually rather than just once a year.” Basically, once they find their true arctic love, they stay with that penguin forever.

Adorable, right?

This joke may not be “charming” but it’s still hilarious. What did you think of this man’s innocent joke? Please share your thoughts and feelings with us in the comment section.



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