Ellen DeGeneres Celebrates Her Most Amazing Moments


Ellen DeGeneres has worked her way up to the very top of daytime television. Going up against some of the stiffest competition out there, Ellen has somehow managed to win over audiences from all over the world.

Whether it be because of her laid back “down to earth” approach to life, or her silly dances, one thing is certain: while Ellen may be a rich celebrity, she’s an incredibly hard working and honest woman.

While it certainly “makes good television” Ellen has, over the years, used her popular talk show as a vehicle to help out families and people in need. The amount of money she makes from ads and publicity has given her the opportunity to do some amazing philanthropy since she began her incredible show back in 2003.

The show itself has won 38 daytime Emmy awards over its amazing run and is often one of the most watched shows in its time slot. While Ellen certainly has her silly moments, just about everyone can agree its the touching moments that really make Ellen such an amazing television figure.

The video below shows some of the most heartwarming moments from her famous show. We’re so happy that a woman with so much celebrity status, money, and power uses her position to help as many people as possible. That’s what being a celebrity and a good person is all about!

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