Emil The Seal Finds A New Friend In Visiting Toddler


During every pilgrimage I make to the zoo, I always make a point to try to catch an animal’s attention. I always did it as child, and I’m still doing it as a grown-up — I’m consistently entertained!

But I’ve never had the opportunity to do what this toddler was able to do at the Assiniboine Park and Zoo in Winnipeg.

While visiting the zoo, the little one and her family walked by the seal aquarium. When the toddler stops in front of the glass, Emil the seal lunges toward her from the other side of the glass that separates them.

But the little girl isn’t afraid. In fact, she’s quite enthralled with her new playmate! She runs around in front of the glass and Emil follows her, but he seems to be fascinated with something in particular…

As she waves her arms about, Emil follows one object: a glittery little purse!

But the most shocking part of this video comes at :13… This seal will do just about anything to get this toddler’s affection! We’ve known seals to befriend scuba divers and dogs, and now we can add little girls to the list.

Watch the video to find out what Emil the seal can do! He’s quite the acrobatic fellow!

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