This Engaged Couple Recreates An Adorable Scene From ’101 Dalmatians’


Long before couples exchange their sacred vows, many first choose to announce their engagement to friends and family — and some do so in very creative ways!

Engagement photos can come in many forms. Some are sweet and sentimental, others quirky and comical, and some — like the couple who chose to pose in a public bathroom — are downright strange.

But no matter zany, whimsical, or odd, these photos reflect each couple’s individual tastes and interests. They will be kept forever as heartwarming memories, and inspire others to go out and plan their own.

However, the engagement photos you’re about to see are hands-down the best I’ve ever come across! Not only are they incredibly unique, but they’re absolutely adorable too!

Tony Collier and Corinne Jones, an engaged couple from Illinois, recently took a series of photos outdoors. The images they captured perfectly mirrored one of the bride-to-be’s favorite films, a classic children’s movie that first debuted in 1961.

Scroll further to see these funny, playfully sweet images, and let us know what you think!

For their engagement photo shoot, these lovebirds chose to go with a theme that was inspired by the classic 1961 Disney film 101 Dalmatians.


Corinne’s cousin, photographer Melissa Biggerstaff, agreed to capture images that would emulate the film’s famous first scene.


And just as the film’s lead characters, Roger and Anita, had their dogs Pongo and Perdita…


…this couple had their family dogs, Mookie and Izabelle, on set with them!


After graduating from college, both Collier and Jones worked at Walt Disney World in Bay Lake, FL.



Collier trained at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Jones taught youth groups about the railroad.


“We knew some Disney fans would like our photos, but we were stunned to see just how many!” Jones told


The pair now live in Naperville, IL, where they teach special education and music in middle and high schools.


They mirrored the classic opening scene to a T, and even fell into the water together!


But it was all worth it in the end. These photos turned out beautiful, and are certainly some of the most unique ones we’ve ever seen!


The couple has set their wedding date for June 10 of next year, at Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora, IL. Congratulations, and best wishes to them both!


Watch the video below to view the beginning scenes of the film, where the animated characters first get introduced.


Click here to see more of Biggerstaff’s art and photography.

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