These Epiphanies Will Really Make You Think About The World All Around You.


The “Shower Thoughts” sub-reddit has already given us so many strange (but awesome) epiphanies to think about. But of course, there’s always more discoveries to be made. Sometimes, a small shift in perspective can result in the biggest impact…

…and your jaw will drop to the floor.

These probably never occurred to you, but they’re totally life changing. Whoa.

1.) But the event invites will still be just as annoying.

2.) I think I’ve seen this done on SyFy.

3.) This is why we need floating Jetson’s cars.

4.) You never know when…

5.) You’re basically an astronaut.

6.) The song would probably sound weird, though.

7.) And this just made my brain feel fuzzy.

8.) Priorities, y’know.

9.) Can we work on getting this for us?

10.) Maybe just part of your nose when you make yourself go cross-eyed.

11.) Even this post.

12.) So you’re really just angry at yourself.

13.) If they see it, you’re probably not.

14.) There are so many variations.

15.) Robot-only communities really do exist.

16.) This is truly disturbing.

17.) This doesn’t mean you can park in the handicap spot, though.

18.) But we’re still usually meaner to ourselves.

(via Piximus.)

Whether you thought of these your self already or not, it’s a good reminder to always look at every angle of an idea. You never know what might be the next life changer.



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