EVA Airport Flight Attendants Stun Passengers With Christmas Flashmob


It is no secret: No one looks forward to traveling, especially during the holidays. Even when we’re excited and determined to see our loved ones from afar or when we have finally started that vacation, flying can be a huge production. Whether it’s dealing with customer service when your flight gets overbooked or trying to get through customs in time to catch that important flight, no one looks forward to going to the airport.

Fortunately, EVA Air knows that waiting around in the airport can be a downer so they decided to surprise their passengers in the most joyful way — with a holiday flashmob. Watch as a few bored kids begin to fuss, until one little girl notices something peculiar about the baggage claim carousel. When she touches it, it begins to light up. Instantly, two other kids rush to join her. It’s almost as if the carousel is some kind of giant keyboard.

That’s when a security guard humorously reprimands them. Then all of a sudden a group of flight attendants begin a song and dance. More show up and eventually they’re joined by the pilots; soon enough everyone is dancing in the name of the holiday spirit!

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