The Everlasting Father and Son Bond


What can be more special that the everlasting bond between a father and his son? A father sees his own reflection in his child, whom he cherishes most in the world. But what happens when it is a day as big as a father’s 50th birthday but his sailor son just cannot make it to be with him on his very special day?

This is the video of an ongoing birthday party where the video of a son wishing his father is played on the projector. The son apologize for not being able to make it to the party and also tries to create some humour to make his father laugh who has already started crying seeing his son on video. However, in the middle of the video the son walks right in, smiling and wishes his father in person. He hugs his father tight whose joys know no bounds and he starts crying even more.

Indeed there is no greater joy than having your loved ones around you especially on a day as important as your birthday. If you loved the video, why not share it with those you love? SHARE it on Facebook and other social media sites, and make others know just how much you love your dad too.




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