This Is Why Every Child Should Have A Pet! My Heart Melted At 1:15!


Life is full of very special moments. When you open your eyes, open your mind and most of all, open your heart, you will see they are all around! The little boy in this video is Hernan. He was born with Down syndrome and is two year old in this video, when he met his new friend, Himalaya the yellow labrador.

When they first meet, the little boy is cautious, but curious at the same time. Suddenly at about 1:15 seconds in, you can see the dog putting her paw on the boys shoulder as if to say, I love you, everything will be ok. If your heart doesn’t melt then, you are not human. Hernan’s mother says he is a bit withdrawn and flees from physical contact. He does not like be touched, but Himalaya insisted so patiently and gently, that the young child accepted his love. Nothing is more precious than this. Please SHARE if this touched your soul.



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