Every Day, This Cat Does Something In Front Of The Train That Melts My Heart


Anyone who doesn’t think cats are loving, thoughtful creatures must see this…

Every day for years, train commuters in a small Australian suburb walked passed a senior cat named Graeme lounging on the platform.

Graeme was adopted from the RSPCA’s death row when he was 6 years old. While the beginning of his life was full of neglect and uncertainty, Graeme made up for it in his twilight years. Each morning and each evening, this special cat found a purpose in welcoming passengers on the Hurstbridge line. Commuters knew him by name and grew to count on greeting him on their way to work. He had an innate safety sense, being very careful to cross to the train platform via the subway rather than short-cutting it across the tracks.

His evening shifts were of utmost importance — they were the real reason he called this particular train stop his second home. You see, Graeme was dedicated to arriving at the incoming platform right on time to welcome his mom, Nicole, home from work.

“He always seems to know which train carriage I am on and will be sitting there behind the yellow line when the doors open,” she said. “He is an amazing cat.”

In 2013, Graeme passed away. His many adoring fans wanted to commemorate his life and memory, so his family decided to give something back to the people who rescued him off the streets — the good folks at RSPCA Victoria. They quickly reached their goal of $1000, and the donations were passed along to the RPSCA in Graeme’s name.

As independent as they may be, this story is proof positive that they’re loyal and loving, too.

Honor Graeme’s memory by watching his video below — and please SHARE it with your friends on Facebook!



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