Everyone Is In Hysterics As They Watch This Little Girl Do Her Favorite Dance


If you’re at a party and you’re the best dancer in the room, no matter how awesome you dance and how hard you try, if there’s a little kid dancing, then you will not be the center of attention.

That’s just how it goes, and you can’t be mad about it because kids are too adorable when they “dance,” and also because you do the same thing if you’re seated—look at the kid dancing rather than the talented adult.

Seriously though, how adorable are children who can’t dance when they dance? They stand there in the middle of everyone, wobbling back and forth, or supposedly hip-hop dancing, or they stomp their little feet and dance with a smile on their face.

They’re the stars. And the video we’re bringing you today has a little star doing her thing and dancing like it’s the only thing she knows.

This little girl is on a dance stage of a ballroom showcase showing off her dance moves surrounded by talented dancers, but she doesn’t care. She’s going to dance because she likes it—so what if everyone around her is twirling and spinning? She’s wobbling, and she’s the real winner.

This toddler wobbles her way to the stage and starts by swaying her body side to side. The tiny dancer then starts stomping her feet, twirling around, and even touches the floor with her hand just for the hell of it.

What melts your heart is the smile she wears and the laugh that leaves her mouth. She obviously enjoyed the music and her little dance. When her mom tried to pull her back, she did not have it! She left her grasp and continued to dance.

At the end of the video, she claps for herself and yells, “Yay!” The people around her join along in the celebration.

If you want to watch this cute video, here’s it is!



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