Everyone Says Her Face Is ‘Horrifying,’ But When You See How One Man Treats Her, You’ll Be Brought To Tears.


Ten years ago, Rusty was driving down the road and saw what he thought was a plastic bag, but it turned out to be a puppy in a ditch on the side of the road. Rusty took the puppy to the vet, but even the doctors weren’t convinced they could save her. Rusty wouldn’t give up on her, though, and took her home, even after the skin on her face started to fall off (most likely because she got into some chemicals while she was out on her own).

Naming her Lucky, Rusty has loved and cared for her since, sometimes putting drops in her eyes three times a day because she doesn’t have eyelids. While her appearance makes people stop and stare all the time, Rusty loves his dog, and says that adopting her was the best thing he’s ever done!

Lucky is definitely a little jarring, but I’m so glad there’s someone out there who loves her just like any other dog!

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