Man Cuts All Ex Girlfriend’s Belongings In Half After They Split Up


Break ups are never the best.

Some people go quietly, some cry for weeks on end, others eat their feelings and some sleep around. And then you get those really crazy people, who could qualify as a real life bunny boiler.

Step forward German guy from eBay, who decided to (expertly) cut all of his ex girlfriend’s stuff in half after they spilt up then stick it on eBay. Because presumably, that’s what she did to his heart (without the eBay part obviously).



He even managed to write a tribute to Laura (which seems more of the Hunger Games variety than the Hallmark) saying: ‘Thank you for 12 beautiful years, Laura,’ before proceeding to cut all of her stuff in half.

Laura, you’ve had a VERY lucky escape. In another 12 years he’d probably be cutting you in half. And we assume it would be done very competently, if the above examples are anything to go by…




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