Famous Photographer Works With Different Models For An Awesome Cause


Rick Guidotti gained fame and notoriety from taking photos of the world’s most beautiful people, like Cindy Crawford. But one day, a chance encounter changed everything. Rick saw a stunning girl at the bus stop with pale skin and white hair. She had albinism. Rick wanted to take her picture, but she said no. He went home and began researching albinism and other genetic differences.

It was Rick’s job to be told who was beautiful, then to take their pictures — but no more. In 1998, Rick left the fashion world behind. He founded Positive Exposure, an organization that uses photography and video to transform public perceptions of people living with genetic, physical, and behavioral differences — from albinism to autism.

In the video below, you’ll meet just a few of Rick’s awesome models who prove beauty doesn’t only exist on magazine covers, including that little girl he met at the bus stop 17 years earlier. Bring on the tears! And just wait until you hear the mother of a little boy who was photographed by Rick tearfully proclaim, “It was the first time I had somebody tell me how beautiful he was.” Can you imagine?

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