Famous Trainer And His Horse Are “Singin’ In The Rain”


Mario Luraschi, a popular French stunt expert and horse trainer, is known for putting on quite a show.

His incredible work notably appeared in a viral short film for OPI titled Instinct of Color. The way the horse, Lady in Black, moved in the video will certainly leave you in awe, especially when he kicked his rear legs into the air.

What’s shown below is another one of Luraschi’s well-trained horses. This time, the horse and the trainer himself are in the spotlight. The beautiful dressage horse dances peacefully to “Singin’ in the Rain,” the main song from the 1952 musical of the same name. Of course Luraschi also had an umbrella in his hand as the two trotted around the arena.

It’s hard to turn your eyes away from the screen as they move together. There’s just something so incredible about this horse dancing to choreography, much like the one who performed a line dance routine to Billy Ray Cyrus’ 1992 hit “Achy Breaky Heart.” (And wait till you see what the horse below starts doing with his front legs at the 1:10 mark and then at 2:59!)

Many viewers were also fascinated by the performance, including one who wrote, “Oh wow! This is such a playful show of dressage, very bouncy and light hearted.. very good job!!”

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