Man Feeds A Stray Dog And Is Repaid In The Sweetest Way


Kiatnakin Bank in Thailand released this delightfully heartwarming commercial that tells the story of how a single act of kindness can spark so much more good in the world. A young man sees a hungry, stray dog and decides to feed the little pup without much thought to his actions. He has no idea that the dog will remember this act of kindness and pay it back tenfold by the end of the video.

Though this is just a fictional story from a commercial, it does send a wonderfully uplifting message: kindness will be repaid with kindness. It’s the classic notion of ‘what goes around, comes around;’ when you exhibit kindness, especially random acts of kindness, others take notice and learn from your example. In many circumstances, it only takes a small amount of effort to brighten someone else’s day, but the return can be immense!

It’s so easy to turn a blind eye to those in need; we often justify turning our backs based on the logic ‘I simply can’t help everyone, there are too many who need help,’ but it’s certainly not an excuse to disengage completely. Even if all you can manage is giving a snack to a homeless dog, it might have unexpected, wonderful results!

This may be nothing more than a silly commercial, but it definitely put a huge smile on my face. Do you believe that performing kind acts leads to more kindness in the world? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



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