This Ferocious Big Cat Is Best Friends With A Small Dog. It’s Too Precious.


The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park in Wynnewood, OK, just south of Oklahoma City, is home to several different exotic animals: tigers, lions, zebras, monkeys and more. But what makes the park really special is the bond that formed between one of their big cats and a very small dog.

Bonedigger, a 500 lb lion, spends his days with his best friend Milo, an 11 lb miniature dachshund. The odd couple became friends when Milo sensed the gentle giant was suffering from a metabolic bone disease. Milo does his best to comfort him, the two cuddling and playing together. Zookeepers say Milo even tries to mimic Bonedigger when he’s communicating with other lions in the park, attempting similar huffs and puffs. Take a look at the adorable duo:


Milo even acts as Bonedigger’s personal dentist!


(via Huffington Post.)

There ya have it: cats and dogs really can be best friends. So adorable!

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