They Find A Tiny, Helpless Baby Trapped Deep Inside A Hole


In the harrowing video below, a Michigan Humane Society officer, Chris, is dispatched to a very common scene in the city of Detroit. A tiny, helpless puppy is lodged deep inside a drain pipe. The terrified pup had been crying out for his mother throughout the entire night.

The whimpers and cries are heartbreaking, but luckily the team knew what to do.

The video grows tenser by the second as a series of skilled people are enlisted to help free the puppy. Plumbers, diggers, and humane officers join forces as the rescue unfolds in front of TV news cameras.

Finally, the team is able to pull the dog to safety — wait until you see this beautiful soul! He must have had an angel on the inside, because he ended up with an incredible rescue story. Besides being scared, cold and hungry, it’s amazing that the baby didn’t choke to death due to loss of oxygen.

“He’s a little fighter,” the newswoman says. He sure is.

I’m so happy this precious angel got his second chance and never gave up. God bless these incredible heroes.

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