In The First 4 Notes One Talented Contestant Had All 4 Judges Begging For Him


Singing onstage in front of a large audience is the stuff of nightmares for most “regular” people. But when Anthony Riley showed up on the stage of the ever popular show The Voice, we had no idea he was going to make it all look so easy!

Singing the famous James Brown song, “I Got You (I Feel Good)” this will be a moment that Riley’s family remembers for the rest of their lives. Close your eyes while listening to this song, and you’ll easily agree that Riley’s version is nearly identical to the original Brown version!

What’s even more amazing is what the judges do within seconds of his song, by the fourth note all four judges are so taken aback by his talent that they rushed to press the big red button. Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Pharrell, and Blake Shelton all wanted a piece of Riley’s talent.

Riley set a new Voice record for fastest response from all four judges, and after watching this amazing video you’ll wish you had a red button to press!

While we all wish that we could say that this story has a happy ending, unfortunately this talented young man was suffering from an addiction problem, and decided to leave the show. Heartbreakingly, the young talent passed away leaving thousands in mourning of such a huge loss of life and skill.

While his loss will certainly be felt, at the very least he certainly made an impact on the four judges, and the audience of this popular show. He’s a perfect example that if anyone you know has trouble with any sort of problem, it’s important to offer love and support!

Please watch this amazing video of this talented young man in his prime!

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