Folks At This Assisted Living Facility Know How To Have Fun


At Belvedere’s Assisted Living Facility in Westlake, Ohio, what goes on behind closed doors may surprise you. Residents may be old and in need of assistance, but that doesn’t mean they lack spirit. When the staff goes home for the night, the fun is just getting started. Who would’ve thought?!

we’ve come across countless videos that prove that the elderly haven’t lost their sense of humor. Old age may show on the outside, but certainly not on the inside. Here at Belvedere’s, folks at the nursery home serve as the perfect example. It’s a nice contrast to some of the more grim videos we’ve featured, where the elderly have faced abuse from caregivers.

Caregiving can be an exhausting, and sometimes grueling profession, but it sure is rewarding. Taking care of those who can no longer take care of themselves is one of the most selfless things one can do. We commend those who have dedicated their lives to helping others, as they deserve our respect and praise.

Below, check out what happens at this living facility in Ohio when the staff calls it quits for the night. It’s certainly the last thing we expected to see! What did you think of this humorous video? What funny things do your grandparents do? Sound off in the comments section below. If you enjoyed the video or it made you laugh, be sure to SHARE it on Facebook!



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