He Found Something Strange In The Middle Of The Road. Then He Blew My Mind!


Imagine stopping to look at this adorable wild armadillo walking along the road when all of a sudden it snuggles up to you and refused to leave your side! That’s is exactly what happened to this unsuspecting man! It’s freaking adorable! It’s amazing how quickly it reacts to getting pet, it’s almost as if this little guy was someone’s pet and not a wild creature!

Who knew armadillos were so sweet? Here are a few other facts you might not know about these little guys from Armadillo Online:

  • There are 20 varieties of armadillos including the nine-banded armadillo, six-banded armadillo, hairy armadillo, naked tail, and pichi.
  • During the Great Depression, they were nicknamed “Hoover Hogs” by those who chose to eat them. The name was a knock at then President Herbert Hoover, who promised “a chicken in every pot” during his presidency but after the economy collapsed after WWI it left many American’s in poverty.
  • Nine-banded armadillos always give birth to four identical young.

Well, there you have it! And now you know!

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