French Bulldog Has Hilarious Response To Owner’s Question


We love our pets, even when they do some not-so-ideal things — like making chew toys out of our favorite possessions. And while it’s important to train our pets to avoid behaviors that are a no-no — both for their safety and the safety of others — those sad puppy eyes always melt our hearts.

When we were training my childhood puppy Daisy, we quickly realized was that she knew when she had done something naughty. Whether it was peeing inside when she was excited or simply getting into her dad’s running shoes and tearing them to pieces, all it took was one look and Daisy would immediately hang her head in shame. That’s the exact look Niko the Frenchie gives his mom when she asks if he chewed up her pen. The moment Niko realize he’s been busted is so adorable and funny, it would be so hard to stay mad at that cutie.

Niko reminded us of a certain other puppy we love whose reaction to a sore subject had us cracking up. When Sebastian the Newfoundland’s owner merely mutters the word “cupcake,” Sebastian becomes a puddle of disappointment, even vocalizing that he’d wish she’d rather not bring it up. It’s too cute for words.

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