French Bulldog Sings Opera When Mom Is Trying To Have A Conversation


Oh, the things we do for attention! Some people might wear flashy, bright clothes to get a few extra gawks and stares. I have an outspoken friend who likes to throw out gauche comments to stir the pot purposely. And the “over-talkers”? The people always squeezing in words and sentences on top of yours, those who engage in monologue instead of dialogue? Yup, attention seekers too.

Just like this pup who is an over-singer!! That’s right. This hilarious dog is shamelessly seeking attention, and he knows how to get it because I would give it all to him!

This attention-grabbing French Bulldog is from Austin, Texas. His name is Walter, and he’s got humans wrapped around his paw. Not only is he adorable, and charming, and chatty and charismatic, he’s got something going for him I’ve never seen before! I’m not quite sure where he gets it from, and I’m positive his owner is equally as baffled, but Walter has an impressive skill that is a show-stopper for real, and he’s already got a fan in me!

Move over Andrea Bocelli. Get outta here Luciano Pavarotti. Step aside, Placido Domingo. Everyone make way for the singing French Bulldog, Walter – the opera singing dog. This pup’s set of pipes are impressive, and his range is quite wide!



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