Fun And Easy DIY Craft Project Idea


Do you often find yourself struggling to choose that perfect gift for a friend or family member? Are you looking to give them something special and meaningful without breaking the bank? If your answers to those two questions are yes, then craft expert Robert Mahar has you covered.

Mahar is an artist and designer who runs his own YouTube channel, Crafted With Robert Mahar, and also contributes to Kin Community, a channel that highlights the best lifestyle programming across all verticals. Though native to the Midwest, Mahar now lives in Los Angeles and can mostly be found working in his studio there. He has a background in studio arts and art history.

Per his website, most of Mahar’s craft projects are “rooted in nostalgia.” He enjoys putting a fresh take on traditional craft projects. He believes that making crafts by hand is “empowering, inspiring and fosters creativity.” We wholeheartedly agree.

In the video featured below, Mahar demonstrates a DIY craft tutorial that requires only a handful of materials, most of which can be found around the home. It’s a great craft that you can do yourself or with children. All you need are a few things: plastic bowl, scissors, rope, glue, ribbon and tape. It’s hassle-free and won’t eat up all that much time.

If you’re looking for a creative, last-minute gift, this is just the project for you. These rope bowls can make a great addition to virtually every room in the house.

Give the video a spin below and watch Mahar walk through this DIY step-by-step. If you’re feeling confident, raid your drawers for the proper materials and follow along.



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