A Fun Twist On Classic DIY Holiday Decor


The weather outside may be frightful, but we have a way to bring the beauty of the winter season inside — without the wind chill factor.

Chances are, you’ve made a paper snowflake before by folding up a piece of paper and cutting shapes haphazardly along the edges. After all, snowflakes are among the simplest DIY holiday decor ideas out there, along with painted pinecones and this winter scene diorama. For the more talented crafters, there are patterns for jaw-droppingly-intricate paper snowflakes available on websites such as Instructables and Tim Latimer (his reindeer snowflake pattern is a personal favorite). Though beautiful, these exquisite snowflakes look like they require the steadiest hands and most intense focus to execute properly. The snowflakes from the video below are just as high impact as the complexly cut ones, but require far less effort.

To spice up the classic DIY holiday decor staple, these paper snowflakes have a multidimensional element. Not only are the finished snowflakes stunning, but the process of making them is fairly easy. After folding a square piece of paper into a triangle, all you have to do is draw straight lines to indicate where the slits will be, cut along those lines, unfold the paper, and glue the corners together in alternating directions. One piece of paper makes one point of the snowflake, and yours can have as many or as few points as you want.

Because of the relative ease of this DIY holiday decor idea, making these paper snowflakes is a great activity for the whole family. You can even designate certain tasks in the process — like folding the paper, cutting the slits, or gluing the corners — to different members of your family depending on their age and skill level. Not only will you be able to make more snowflakes more quickly, but this activity is a brilliant way to bond and create memories during the holiday season.

This project is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your creativity as well, since there are endless possibilities for what color and size your snowflakes can be. Using paper with contrasting colors on either side of the sheet (as seen in the video thumbnail below) creates a fun look, and shiny silver or gold paper can make your festive snowflakes glisten when the light hits their different facets. They are beautiful when hung from the ceiling or in front of a window with transparent thread or fishing line, almost as if they are suspended in midair. Remember: Each snowflake outside is unique, so there’s no reason to make yours look identical either.

This tutorial comes from a popular home chef and DIY enthusiast named Tammy (known online as yoyomax12), who has a self-described “special love of rainbows and cupcake decorating.” She has covered a wide range of topics in her hundreds of videos, but her YouTube channel, The Diet Free Zone, primarily consists of whimsical recipes. Whether she’s making raisin bread that looks like a watermelon or rainbow-striped fudge, yoyomax12’s enthusiasm is palpable in each tutorial. One of the best aspects about her videos is that she acknowledges when certain steps might be challenging for her viewers, then carefully explains how to compensate for that difficulty. Nobody’s perfect, not even a YouTube guru, and yoyomax12 embraces that fact with endearing charm.

Regardless of how much snow may be falling (if any at all), these 3-D paper snowflakes are a delightful way to bring the holiday spirit to your home. Happy holidays and happy crafting!



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