Get The Most Out Of Your Coffee Grounds – Here Are 20 Ways To Reuse Them


Over half of Americans over 18 drink coffee every day. We drink it to wake up, remain alert, and stay up late. Some people even drink it before they take a nap!

While coffee is universally recognized as an energy booster, did you know that there are many other uses for it? Instead of throwing out your used coffee grounds in the morning, save them. Use the grounds for a few of these 20 tips and tricks and you’ll get the most out of your coffee.

1.) Supercharge your garden with a coffee ground fertilizer mist.

Mix half a cup of coffee grounds with warm water in a spray bottle and spray away.

2.) Change the color of your hydrangeas.

Hydrangeas are affected by changes in the soil’s pH balance. Adding coffee grounds to the soil reduces the pH and changes pink flowers into blue flowers.

3.) Keep cats out of your garden.

Cats are not fans of coffee. If your neighbor’s cat can’t stop stomping on your plants, sprinkle coffee grounds into your garden.

4.) Make a flea bath for dogs.

Help repel fleas by adding a teaspoon of coffee grounds to your dog’s shampoo.

5.) Dye fabrics the natural way.

You may want to use new coffee for this project, but with so many ways to use coffee grounds, you’ll surely get a few uses out of them. Read the tutorial here.

6.) Use coffee grounds to scour pots and pans.

Coffee is acidic and naturally abrasive. Use a few teaspoons and a rag to get the job done.

7.) Make these coffee ground garbage disposal cleansers to eliminate odor.

Coffee does a bang up job of eliminating odors, leaving your garbage disposal clean and fresh.

8.) Dark shades of wood with dings and scratches can be fixed up with coffee grounds.

Get more information on the process here.

9.) Make new, unfinished wood look rustic by rubbing it with wet coffee grounds and steel wool.

10.) Place a satchel of coffee grounds in smelly shoes to absorb odor.

11.) After chopping garlic or onions, wash your hands with coffee grounds to get rid of the smell.

If you haven’t noticed, coffee grounds will absorb all kinds of nasty smells.

12.) Make non-toxic play-doh using coffee grounds.

It looks like dirt, so it’s perfect for playing with toy bugs.

13.) Make a coffee rubbed pork roast for dinner.

Check out the recipe here.

14.) Get a kick of energy from these coffee ground energy bites.

You will need to use new coffee beans for this recipe.

15.) Whip up a homemade coffee candle.

Read the instructions here.

16.) Wash your hair with coffee grounds to eliminate build-up and oil.

Add it to your shampoo or conditioner. Be careful if you have light hair, it may darken it.

17.) Exfoliate your skin with a mocha mask.

Read how to make it here.

18.) Get rid of flaky, dead skin with a coffee salt scrub.

Salt scrubs can cost a pretty penny, but this one is inexpensive and natural.

19.) Make a bold smelling soap with coffee grounds.

It’s made from recycled hotel soaps, and costs virtually nothing.

20.) Get rid of dark circles under your eyes.

Caffeine straight to the face will make you look awake and rejuvenated.

Tonight, I’ll be relaxing in the bath with a coffee ground facial and bath salt scrub. Which one of these tips will you try first?



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