How To Get Perfect Curls Using An Old T-Shirt And Zero Heat


When it comes to styling your hair, no two people are the exactly the same.

Over the years, we pick up our own little tips and tricks to figure out what works best, but it really never hurts to get some good advice from someone else. As you can see in this young girl’s video, a little makeup can go a very long way and you could easily say the same thing about a great haircut. The right style can really make or break someone’s appearance.

However, actually managing our hair can be a whole different battle. When one of our LittleThings writers bravely went shampoo-free for two weeks for this story, she saw a total transformation of her gorgeous, curly locks, before ultimately deciding that the traditional shampoo and conditioner method works best. Now, in this next video, we learn how one woman found the perfect solution to manage her unruly curls.

On her YouTube channel “Primal Beauty Queen,” vlogger Donata White fills us in on her favorite products and beauty methods. In this video, she shows us something I’ve never seen before, a method she calls “plopping” or “plunking” her hair that involves a few of her favorite products and a tee shirt.

Since I’m constantly looking for the best way to style my long hair on the go, this is definitely one trick I’ll be trying out soon.

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