Mom Asks, ”Who Pooped In The Kitchen.” Now Watch The Dog On The Right…


I have no doubt this video will soon go viral with millions of views from all over the world! Ladies, and gentlemen, meet the new guilty dogs of YouTube…

One of these canine sisters is in big trouble. You see, Mom just walked in and discovered one of them pooped in the kitchen – but which one is the culprit? Is it Sunny the Chi-Chi… or Judy the terrier? The only way she’ll crack the case is if she asks them outright, and the result is pure brilliance.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a pet understand a human so perfectly before. You just have to watch to understand.


The look on Sunny’s face at the very end is simply priceless. I literally cried tears of laughter, and so did all of my friends when I showed this video to them. It’s only eight seconds long, but it’s enough to completely steal my heart away.

Mom says Judy is currently being trained for canine freestyle and also competes in conformation for AKC dog shows. Her intelligence definitely shows; I haven’t been this blown away by a human-like pup since Charlie, the Bulldog who raises his paw and waves to his parents.

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