A Giant Owl Flies Right Toward Him, But Where He Lands Left Everyone SPEECHLESS!


There is something about owls that seems to set them apart from all other birds. In addition to the fact that owls have a very distinctive look from your typical bird, there seems to be something else…something somewhat enchanting, fascinating, or mythical…while also a little spooky.

Although many of these perceptions may come from the roles that owls portray in cartoons, movies, and books, there are also stories that have been passed down from generation to generation in many cultures where the owl is constantly referred to as an old and wise creature,

Known for swooping down to perch atop visitors’ heads, this friendly eagle owl , which also happens to be the largest in the owl species with wingspans over six feet, loves to meet new people. After he lands on their heads, he does a little dance and flies back to higher ground. As a local celebrity in his small Dutch town, people commonly stop by to say hello, as he is always happy to see visitors and never aggressive.

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