Little Girl Gets The One Surprise She’s Wanted Her Entire Life


If there’s one gift that pretty much every little kid wants, it’s a puppy. Am I right?!

Growing up in my house, that was the one thing my sister and I always begged our dad for. When we finally woke up to a puppy one Christmas morning, it couldn’t have been a better surprise!

The little girl in the following video has been asking her parents for the same thing for as long as she can remember. Every single day, she would beg her parents…until she just about gave up on ever getting the puppy of her dreams.


When she got old enough and her parents were ready, her dad, Greg Cox, decided it was finally time to make his little girl’s wish come true. Cox wrote on YouTube that she’s wanted a puppy since she was 3 years old, so when they finally hand her a note that revealed her real birthday gift, it really couldn’t have been a sweeter moment.

Just like when this little girl started crying tears of joy, I couldn’t stop myself from tearing up when she broke down. There’s no doubt she’s going to be a great pet parent…and her mom and dad have given her the best kind of friendship!

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