This Girl’s Lice Infestation Could Be The Worst Ever – Not For The Faint Of Heart!


Lice. Just seeing the word simply makes your skin crawl. Because we know as moms, all that word entails. Nits, Rid, lice combs, hours of painstaking work to eradicate the problem; and that’s just the beginning. Then there’s the laundry, the stripping of all bed linens and the inevitable sympathy itching that goes along with it. The checking everyone in the house and rechecking daily until confidence that the creepy, crawly critters have been completely annihilated and that happiness has been restored to our homes.

The girl and mom in this video are dealing with the worst case of lice this mom has ever seen. It is difficult to imagine how the poor girl was able to stand so many of the writhing creatures teeming across her scalp and crawling through her hair.

Hope this video is a reminder to check all our kids for Lice again this week.

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